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ASAP Market Links 2023 – ASAP Market, former ASEAN Market is relatively new darknet marketplace operating on the Tor Network selling drugs, fraud services and other illegal items. ASAP has been built with top-notch security and performance, well known as the most stable market platform. Proud to be the first market to introduce so called Dead Drop method of selling drugs with Maps feature. ASAP marketplace according to their own words represents new era of markets.

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How to Register on ASAP Market?

After you solve the DDoS Security captcha by typing the letters shown in the each box, you will be sent to home homepage of this market. Once you are there, hover your mouse to the right upper corner and click on “Register” button. In order to register for this market you will need to supply username, password (you need to confirm it) and a PIN. PIN and password reset is no longer possible so please have that in mind before creating one.

How to register on asap market

ASAP Products for sale by Categories

As of this time of writing this article there are 30,000 listings and some of them are:

  1. Stimulants 7456
  2. Research Chemicals 79
  3. Cannabis & Hashish 13087
  4. Drug Paraphernalia 45
  5. Steroids 99
  6. Barbiturates 4
  7. Fraud 5022
  8. Lab Chemicals 29
  9. Weight Loss 59
  10. Ecstasy 3313
  11. Drug Precursors 3
  12. Prescription Drugs 1381
  13. Tobacco 8
  14. Opioids 2200
  15. Counterfeits 167
  16. Dissociatives 2323
  17. Digital Goods 7834
  18. Benzos 1354
  19. Psychedelics 3641

How to Buy on ASAP marketplace?

As you can see from the text above there are many categories from which you can choose from what to buy. Once you decided what you want to buy, check the reviews of the vendor selling that particular product. If the reviews are good go for it by clicking on add to basket, below the product image. Pick correct shipping option, calculate the fees of the market and the product price, enter your shipping information preferably using the PGP of the seller and sending it encrypted, enter your PIN you created during the registration process and pay for your order using any of the payment options available such as Bitcoin and Monero.

ASAP Market Buyer FAQs

How to get back ESCROW refund?

  • All refund of escrow orders will credit back to buyer’s account wallet on market.
  • FE orders are not refundable!

Can I get refund for FE orders?

  • No! If you insist for refund, please contact the vendor personally, our vendor is happy to assist

I did not receive my shipment in time stated on listing, How?

  • Contact vendor for help
  • For Escrow orders, initiate dispute. Support will assist on it
  • Please refer to vendor’s reship/refund policy
  • Please don’t try to cheat, we have “Scam Hunter”

What is Scam Hunter?

  • Scam Hunter is a system that will hunt down vendors that always selective scam and other type of scam to buyers. Scam hunter will also hunt down buyers who scam vendors. If we received enough evidence, scamming vendors and buyers info will be reported on respective subs and forums. All on-going escrow will be refund to users or vendors immediately. We protect both buyers and vendors.

Is this market full of fake review/feedback on vendors just like other Marketplace?

  • We have FRD (Fake Review Detector), it will detect almost all fake review in all possible ways. Our FRD is keeping all feedbacks real. No more fake garbage reviews/feedbacks.

What is Fake Review Detector(FRD)?

  • Detector detects all kind of possible fake reviews, it will detect and alert us and we will do a manual checking as well. To keep all the feedbacks clean. We will delete the fake reviews.
  • FRD has a high accuracy detection.
  • No more fake reviews!

What to do in a case where funds withdrawal are missing on ASAP?

Sometimes due to high traffic of withdrawal requests, system can fail to process your withdrawal. ASAP stuff and moderators state that this should be resolved automatically within 24 hours and that your money would be refunded into your market wallet.

Deposit funds are not arriving on ASAP marketplace?

If you have made a deposit to this market and after all required confirmations your deposit is still not showing in the wallet, create a ticker and include TXID/Hash of the payment which you can find in your BTC/XMR wallet. Due to active phishing by many websites over the internet, reddit and forums ALWAYS BE SURE TO TEST YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT BY SENDING SMALL AMOUNTS OF MONEY. Always make sure to get verified links from this site.

ASAP Market Reddit

ASAP marketplace is currently not active on any Reddit sub-groups. Instead please visit Darknet Reddit sub group.

ASAP Market Links 2023 Review Summary

ASAP is currently a trusted platform for selling/buying all kinds of illegal gear on the darknet. The market is very unstable due to constant DDoS attack it receives from it’s competitors, however by trying many links you will eventually get in. Product stock and number of vendors are increasing day-by-day and moderators and admins are mostly helpful with tickets.

For other markets options and reviews be sure to check out our Reviews page on the website.