Haystak Search Engine Link – Haystak is a dark web search engine for Tor Onion hidden services. It has been made with privacy in mind offering it’s users to search for vast majority of often censored topics. It’s one of the largest search engines of it’s kind with more than 1.5 billion indexed pages and almost 2 million performed searches on a daily basis.

Haystak Search Engine Link


haystak search engine link

The website itself is not very rich and user-friendly when you are on a free mode. For every search query you need to copy the link of indexed pages manually in the browser in order to visit them. When used a search term “drugs” a lot of websites we tried to visit ended up either being dead or with invalid link meaning that this onion search lacks a bit of updating. They also have a Premium model which offers some of the features which are: Text-based search of most of the darknet, Search of historical onions that have long since gone, access to our API for querying our database automatically and many others.

About Haystack Search Engine

We are a group of privacy campaigners who believe the internet should be free from state surveillance. We developed haystak to be a fast and comprehensive search engine because we were not satisfied with the ones already on offer – they frequently indexed too few pages to be particularly useful. Haystak has a custom crawler developed specifically for the darknet, and hence it is able to find all reachable pages and index them.

Whilst we offer some premium services this is simply to cover our costs – as you know, servers are not free sadly. They would be if we ran the world but we don’t.

Generally we don’t believe in censorship, but we make an exception for any content which is immoral or illegal for us to link to. Examples would be child abuse and human trafficking. If you find any of this indexed in our engine click the report link and we’ll remove it swiftly.

If the website discussed above could not help you find what you’re looking for, please check out our other mentions of similar websites on our Onions page of the website.