UnderDir Onion Directory Link

UnderDir Onion Directory Link – UnderDir or The Undernet Directory is one of the oldest Tor Network Onion directory websites that lists all websites ending with .onion domain. It has been established in 2015 serving the Tor community with onion portals for the dark and deep web. It has been broken down into several categories such as Adult, Business, Communications, Gambling and other.

UnderDir Onion Directory Link

UnderDir Onion Directory Link:


UnderDir has a clean, minimal and elegant design. Every single category comes with a sub-categories from which you can choose from. It does not require a use of javascript so it’s value end-user privacy. Registration for this website is free and you can add a link to the onion directory which has to be approved before going live. UnderDir currently lists more than 30,000 websites most of which are dead and are old websites with v2 onion extension.

Current status: online

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